Final Verdict


A Futuristic Trial By Jury.
Suited for: Problem-Solving, Deliberation & Critical Thinking

• Time: 1.5 Hours
• 1 Host, 2 Live Improv Actors & Facilitators
• 40–100 Participants
• Teams of 4–8

Note prices exclude VAT, but includes Event Host & Relevant Games-Masters. If booking for a larger group is preferable, please get in touch.


In this 90-minute legal thriller, the heir to a media empire stands accused of arson and fraud, facing a life-sentence if found guilty. Participants are put in the role of a Jury overseeing the trial, tasked with reviewing multiple forms of evidence, including audio and video testimony, fingerprint analysis, CCTV footage, and more. Combining live actors and a 3D virtual reality interface and set in the year 2030, you will need to work with your fellow jurors to assess the evidence and cross-examine both the defendant and lead prosecutor live as you race against time. What will be your final verdict?

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