Space Crime Continuum


A Virtual Murder Mystery.

Suited for: Comedy, Murder Mystery, Social Happy Hour

• Time: 2 Hours
1 Host, 6 Live Improv Actors & Facilitators
• 40–90 Participants
• Teams of 6–8

Note prices exclude VAT, but includes Event Host & Relevant Games-Masters. If booking for a larger group is preferable, please get in touch.


In this comedic sci-fi themed Murder Mystery set in a future not so far off, teams are tasked with solving a crime aboard a spaceship when it's Captain goes missing and is presumed dead. Teams are split into "Task Forces" of 6-8 and must interrogate the remaining members of the crew as they try to unravel the mystery, before finally submitting their final guess for who is behind the Captain's disappearance and what their motive might have been. Can you help solve this intergalactic mystery or will the mission result in a worldwide scandal?

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If booking for a larger group is preferable, please get in touchAll prices exclude VAT.

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