The Y2Kaper


A Virtual Whodunnit.

Suited for: Comedy, Mystery Solving, Social Happy Hour

• Time: 2 Hours
1 Host, 8 Live Improv Actors & Facilitators
• 40–120 Participants
• Teams of 6–8

Note prices exclude VAT, but includes Event Host & Relevant Games-Masters. If booking for a larger group is preferable, please get in touch.


In this comedic ‘90s inspired workplace whodunnit, teams are tasked with the solving the mystery of who has stolen the Oracle, a computer promised to prevent the dreaded Y2K bug, saving the millennium from an epic technological disaster. Play In teams of 8, players will take on the role of the infallible ‘90s PR agency, Perfect Records, who have been called in to discreetly handle the situation. It is your job to interrogate the suspects in real-time; Cross-examining their alibis over 3 rounds of live interactive theatre before ultimately submitting your best guess for both the Culprit and the Motive. Can you solve the mystery before time runs out? Put you and your colleagues to the test in order to solve this workplace whodunnit!

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If booking for a larger group is preferable, please get in touchAll prices exclude VAT.

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