Welcome to Boxxedup, and thanks for visiting our brand new site!

Our idea for Boxxedup came whilst in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. My event management business, AllinAll Events, came to an almighty standstill due to the immediate restrictions with no light at the end of the tunnel as to when live events would come back.

Initially, enjoying some time off (as that was unheard of!) with my newborn baby, but after six months of no revenue I soon put pen to paper, conducted a lot of research and Boxxedup was created. Initially working with brands in the build up to Christmas providing them an engaging virtual events accompanied with a personalised box delivered to everyones homes.

Post Christmas, the momentum and interest was still there, so I quickly made the decision of let’s do this, and here we are, creating unique gifts one box at a time!

Within the site you will find great box and events options suitable for all requirements, we create bespoke/corporate events and boxes too so don’t be afraid to submit an enquiry. Remember, you can have just a box or just an event if you wish!

Emma, Founder  x