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Boxxedup Devilshy Naughty Box

Sale price£56.50

The Boxxedup Devilshy Naughty Box contains:

  • Chocolate Covered Marzipan, Anthon Berg, 75g
  • Honeycomb with Chocolate, Charles Butler 110g
  • Cranberry Biscuits, Bisquini 150g
  • Double Chocolate Biscuits, Franks, 200g
  • Mint Creams, Whitakers 150g
  • Granola Flapjack, Original Cake Co. 180g
  • Cantuccini Biscotti , Choc Chips, AsoloDolce 125g
  • Vanilla Fudge, Deeping Fudge 80g
  • Belgian Chocolate Clusties, Noble Chocolates 110g
  • Dutch Caramel Waffles, De Banketgroep 250g
  • Sablés Lemon & Ginger Biscuits, Goulibeur 100g
  • Soft Amaretti Biscuits, Amaretti Virginia, 150g
  • All Butter Shortbread, Duncans of Deeside 200g
  • Blue Chocolate Praline, Crea 20g
  • White Chocolate Praline, Crea 20g
Boxxedup Devilshy Naughty Box
Boxxedup Devilshy Naughty Box Sale price£56.50